owing to ongoing education & training commitments, I’m currently only available
for a very limited number of research projects

Whether you’re just beginning your journey into your family’s history, or have already done some research,
why not ask what else might lie waiting to be discovered ?

If you’d like us to help answer that question, just complete the Assessment Form below.

There’s no cost to you, and we’ll give you our assessment of the likelihood of finding
more information.

If You Decide to Commission Research, How Much Will it Cost ?   

The standard fee for Research is € 50.00 per hour.
The rate for time spent Travelling to/from Archives etc, and for Report Writing is € 25 per hour

We can provide you with a Free Estimate of costs and assessment of the likelihood of success,
based on the information requested in the Assessment Form below.

If you decide to commission us to conduct research, we will agree a programme of research and a budget cost
with you in advance, and will review progress when this phase is completed.

A decision can then be made about the viability of any further research, based on the estimated cost and likely return.

Basic Standard Research Package – Price € 295.00

Alternatively, we can provide a fixed price Basic Standard Research Package, which costs € 295.00.

This package is best suited to those researching ancestors who were still living in Ireland during the latter half of the 19th Century (i.e. the mid to late 1800s), or later.

Included in this package are :

  • Up to 5 Hours of Research
  • Search for and Copies of Entries of Births, Marriages and Deaths found in General Register Office records for all direct ancestors
  • Search for and Copies of Entries of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials (not all denominations recorded burials),
    found in Church Registers for all direct ancestors
  • Search for and Copies of all Census Returns found for direct ancestors in the Census of Ireland in 1901 and 1911
  • Search for and Copies of all entries found for direct ancestors in Griffith’s Primary Valuation (mid 1800s land records)
  • Search for and Copies of all entries found for direct ancestors in Tithe Applotment Books (1820s/1830s land records)
  • Basic Family Tree showing all direct ancestors found during the above research
  • Basic Report of Research carried out together with findings

Please complete the Assessment Form below, and we will provide you with an assessment of the likelihood of success of the Basic Standard Package, based on the information provided.

We will review the progress made once the Basic Standard Research Package is completed, and will make a recommendation as to whether any further research is likely to yield additional information.

“We are thrilled to finally know our Irish heritage – we would never have found it without you”

M. Dwyer,Ohio, USA

“We’ve visited the house where my grandfather was born in Germany, and the house where his mother was born; we’ve found the lane he followed leading to the train station when he was leaving Germany at the age of 8, the place where he had picnics as a child with his parents, and we visited the church where his mother was baptised and married. We would never have found any of this without you.”

Kurt K.,NY, USA

“Your report is a model of clarity…”

John G., Dublin, Ireland

Assessment Form

Please provide as much information as possible about your Irish Ancestor(s) :

Please state the Townland, Parish or County of Birth

Please state their names and approxmimate year of birth, if known

Please provide names of any children and approximate dates of birth