Guided Genealogy Visits

Would you like to visit the place where your ancestor lived before leaving the land of his or her birth ?
Visit the house where they were born ? The school they attended ?
The church where they were baptised or married ? The graveyard where their family is buried ?

If so, then I can help.

I can collect you from your hotel, and drive you to your ancestral parish, show you around the places which were important in your ancestor’s life, and perhaps even find living relatives, before delivering you back to your hotel.

While it is preferable (to ensure the information on which the trip is based is accurate) that the preliminary research is done my myself, this service is also offered to those who have commissioned the research from other genealogists, or who have done the research themselves – subject to the obvious caveat that the guided tour is only as accurate as the information provided to me !

Visits to locations within two hours driving time from Dublin can usually be completed in a single day if required – locations further away usually take two to three days.

Genealogy trips can also include brief visits/photo stops to well known landmarks, historical locations and/or beauty spots along or near our planned route if you wish.

Please contact me to discuss what itinerary might best suit you.