Irish Heritage Guided Tours

As a Genealogist, I understand the degree to which people of Irish Heritage all over the world, are proud of their origins, and the lengths they go to, to preserve their traditions and their culture.

Whether it’s your Irish surname, your Irish first name, or your red hair and fair complexion, you are of Ireland, and Ireland pulses through your very veins.

As a fluent speaker of Irish (Irish Gaelic), I’m well positioned to guide you to areas where Irish is still the language of the community, to explain the derivation of Irish names, to explain the origin and meaning of Irish Place Names, and the origins of many of the expressions we use on a daily basis even when speaking in English (“English as she is spoken in Ireland”).

But there’s much more to experience : Irish music is famous throughout the world, and Irish Dance has taken the world by storm with hit shows such as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance playing to sold-out theatres across the globe.

The worlds of literature, art, theatre and drama glisten with Irish writers, actors and artists.

The Irish gift of storytelling and folklore is also world renowned, and the memories of heroes and heroines from thousands of years ago are still preserved in the folklore of people today.

The Irish have excelled at a global level in sports too, but perhaps the jewel in the crown of our sporting achievements are the thriving native sports of Gaelic Football and Hurling, played exclusively by amateurs, but which attract crowds of over 80,000 spectators at All-Ireland Final matches.

Irish Heritage tours focus on all of these aspects of our culture, and enable you to experience ancient traditions which are not just surviving, but actually thriving, in a way which is perhaps unique in the Western World today.

“Thank you for a lovely and informative day.

You’re an excellent guide, and we enjoyed your kind company immensely”

Hank M.,Washington DC, USA

“A very big thank you for yesterday – we all enjoyed your tour very much,

you had so much knowledge and a really interesting way of sharing it with us.

We loved Ireland….we will definitely be back !”

Dirk, T.,Perth, Australia

“Thanks for everything with our group. We had a ball !

Really appreciate everything you did for us.”

Robin T.,Tennessee, USA

“My Dad was SO proud of his Irish heritage, and to be honest I never really “got it”.

But I do now – THANK YOU !”

Sandra K.Maine, USA.