History Tours of Ireland

I’m passionate about Irish History – this small country scarcely seems big enough to have produced such a long and tumultuous history, but significant events in history have been played out in virtually every county in Ireland, and Ireland has played a role in world history which is out of all proportion to its small size.

History Tours can focus any historical theme, whether it’s the Celts, Early Christians, Vikings, Normans, Plantation era, Famine times or later periods which interest you; or perhaps you’d prefer to focus on the history of one geographical area, and follow the history of the area down through the centuries – whatever you want, just let me know !

I will prepare a tour to suit your interests, your time allocation, and your budget.

“Thank you for a lovely and informative day.

You’re an excellent guide, and we enjoyed your kind company immensely”

Hank M.,Washington DC, USA

“A very big thank you for yesterday – we all enjoyed your tour very much,

you had so much knowledge and a really interesting way of sharing it with us.

We loved Ireland….we will definitely be back !”

Dirk, T.,Perth, Australia

“Thanks for everything with our group. We had a ball !

Really appreciate everything you did for us.”

Robin T.,Tennessee, USA

“My Dad was SO proud of his Irish heritage, and to be honest I never really “got it”.

But I do now – THANK YOU !”

Sandra K.Maine, USA.