Archaeology Tours in Ireland

Among my favourite themed tours are Archaeology Tours !

Ireland has been inhabited for about 12,000 years, and humans have left their mark on the Irish landscape in every era since then.

Whether it’s the earliest known “permanent” settlement in the Mesolithic period (10,000 years ago) at Mountsandel in Co Derry, the awe-inspiring tombs, cairns and great passage tomb monuments of the Neolithic (over 5,000 years ago), the immense henge monuments and stone circles of the Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age period (approx 4,500 years ago), or the Ringforts and Promontory Forts of the Iron Age (around 2,000 years ago), the prehistoric treasures of Irish archaeology are among the very best in Europe.

No less impressive are the stunning archaeological sites of the Early Christian period, such as Glendalough and Clonmacnoise, as well as those of the Medieval periods which include Viking and Norman treasures, and those from the Plantation era right up to today.

Allow me to guide you to these sites and more – I promise you’ll be spellbound !

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You’re an excellent guide, and we enjoyed your kind company immensely”

Hank M.,Washington DC, USA

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you had so much knowledge and a really interesting way of sharing it with us.

We loved Ireland….we will definitely be back !”

Dirk, T.,Perth, Australia

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Really appreciate everything you did for us.”

Robin T.,Tennessee, USA

“My Dad was SO proud of his Irish heritage, and to be honest I never really “got it”.

But I do now – THANK YOU !”

Sandra K.Maine, USA.